Real Estate

We selct the best properties on the market ascertaining their conformity to legal standards, town planning and land registry documents. 

It is our responsibility to assist customers in all phases of pre and post sales. For non-Italian customers, we assist in the opening of bank accounts, obtaining theri tax code, transferring utilities, etc..


Tourist & Short Term Rentals

We have a long experience in the field of tourist and short term rentals, insuring complete and accurate management of the property/ies. Our services include all practical aspects: check-in and check-out, cleaning, change and washing of linens, timely intervention in case of problems and/or breakdowns and final control of properties at the termination of the rental period. 

For years we have participated in the main on line advertising platforms for which we prepare texts and photos of the properties. 

We create, with agreemetnt and approval of the owners, a business plan related to each property that takes into consideration the market trend and the charachteristics of the property.

Our service fee is based only on actual income generated by the property. 


Property Management

Our fees are based on actual generated income!

We control and maintain the assigned properties under management on a regular basis. For rental properties we source reliable and responsible tenants, verify theri solvency, the drafting of leases and registration with the appropriate authorities, as well as renewals and all legal obligations. 


Commission Details

The fee for the brokerage (commission) paid by the buyer, in the case of purchase is a form of contractual commitment if it is made directly or indirectly through people related to him,and is 3% plus VAT on the price paid. The commission is considered earned and due at the same time as the signing of the preliminary sales contract (compromise).